Government of New Brunswick


All children in the permanent care of this department need and deserve a permanent family. The selection of a good home is an important part of this process to find parents who are prepared to meet the needs of the children they plan to adopt.


Each prospective applicant is required to complete 27 hours of pre-service training in order to adopt a child through the department. Training is offered by professional social workers and experienced adoptive parents


PRIDE is the acronym for Parents' Resource for Information, Development and Education. It is the model for the development and support of resource families. It is designed to strengthen the quality of adoption services by providing a standardized, structured framework for recruiting, preparing, and selecting adoptive parents. The program is built upon the concept of teamwork and the importance of complementary roles to best meet the needs of a child and the family. This program is also based on the belief that the integration of family assessment and group training facilitates a more accurate assessment decision, thereby reducing the likelihood of placement disruptions and further losses for children.

Five essential competency categories have been established:
- protecting and nurturing children;
- meeting children's developmental needs and addressing developmental delays;
- supporting relationships between children and their families;
- connecting children to safe, nurturing relationships intended to last a lifetime; and
- working as a member of a professional team

These competencies "drive" the entire mutual assessment, selection, preparation, support and development process of resource families.