Government of New Brunswick

The Information Access and Privacy Unit is responsible for the central administration of the Right to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (RTIPPA). In practical terms, however, the responsibility still lies with each public body to respond to requests made to the head as prescribed under the Act, as well as to manage and organize all the information in their custody or under their control.

The Information Access and Privacy Unit provides leadership and expertise on information access and privacy policy related issues. The Unit offers:

  • general information to members of the public seeking to understand their rights under RTIPPA;
  • legislative and policy analysis relating to RTIPPA and public sector best practices in information access and privacy;
  • consulting, coordination and support services to all public bodies; and
  • a corporate communications program about access to information and privacy protection.

If you are looking for information and procedures regarding personal health information, please visit the Department of Health’s Personal Health Information Protection and Access Act website.