Government of New Brunswick

Description and Background
The Province of New Brunswick will develop and implement a New Brunswick energy sector research and development strategy supporting the adoption of emerging clean-energy technologies.

Research and development, and its application, is the lifeblood of any economy. People are always looking at new and better ways to do things in business, in life, and in the use of energy. Research has taken us through different phases of energy development including the introduction of nuclear-powered electricity, energy-efficiency construction, the creation of synthetic fuels and commercializing wind power. Energy policy must remain responsive to new ways to produce, process and distribute energy, with a particular focus on associated economic, social and environmental impacts. Diversity and security of energy supply are also important considerations for a relatively small jurisdiction such as New Brunswick. Research has also improved the way we manage and administer the energy sector with innovative government policy, a strong regulatory presence and public safety requirements that continue to evolve based on emerging energy technologies.

The Province will establish a coordinated approach to facilitating research with respect to the sustainable and economic use of New Brunswick’s natural resources, including natural gas, biomass, and wind, solar, geothermal, tidal and hydro. In addition, energy-related research and development activities in New Brunswick will focus on how residents, business and industry can reduce their use of energy through improved product standards and building codes; emerging energy efficiency and smart grid technologies; and cogeneration and district heating systems. This action item will leverage the Province of New Brunswick’s existing commitment to implement a Smart New Brunswick Plan, taking full advantage of our post-secondary education institutions.

The Province will also complete an inventory of existing energy-related research and development activities in the province. The inventory will serve as the foundation for the development of a collaborative public- and private-sector energy research and development strategy for New Brunswick, including the identification of target outcomes; funding mechanisms; areas for regional collaboration and partnerships; and opportunities for technology commercialization and the development of niche and sustainable energy sector cluster activities.

Key Objectives Served by this Action
Low and Stable Energy Prices
– Energy technologies are constantly evolving, and we need to ensure that New Brunswick residents, businesses and industry have access to new and emerging energy technologies that are commercially viable and provide tangible rate benefits.

Energy Security – Emerging clean and renewable energy technologies are increasing our province’s diversity of energy supply and reducing our dependence on imported fossil fuel sources.

Reliability of the Electrical System – Emerging technologies such as smart grid have a direct impact on the reliability of our province’s electricity system.

Environmental Responsibility – Emerging clean and renewable energy technologies are helping reduce the environmental impacts associated with energy production and energy usage here in New Brunswick and around the world.