Government of New Brunswick

Non-exclusive uses of Crown land such as:                                                                           

  • Access Roads
  • Coastal Work
  • Community Event
  • Maple sugary corridors
  • Outfall/Intake Pipes
  • Road Maintenance
  • Signs
    • Advertising signs
    • Business directional signs
    • Educational/Information signs
    • Guide or warning sign 
  • Utility Pole and Anchor

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Uses of Crown land requiring exclusive access such as: 

  • Business activities
  • Camp lots
  • Establishing/maintaining telecommunications facilities 
  • Ferry landing, public/personal wharves, boat launches
  • Power substations
  • Processing/manufacturing goods
  • Scout/Religious camp (not-for-profit)
  • Shooting ranges
  • Municipality

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Note: This is not a complete list of Licences of Occupation or Leases

**Final approval for type of Licence of Occupation/Lease is at the discretion of the department.