Government of New Brunswick

Sections of the Local Governance Act: 87 - 98

Part 8 sets out the provisions relating to conflicts of interest and how they are to be handled. Specifically, these provisions address the following matters:

  • Various definitions pertaining to conflict of interest
  • To whom the provisions apply
  • Situations where a conflict of interest exists
  • Circumstances where there is no conflict of interest
  • Processes for disclosing conflicts of interest for council members and senior officers
  • Recording and filing of conflict of interest declarations
  • How conflict of interest can affect quorum
  • Authority of a senior officer to provide advice when they have a conflict of interest
  • Other prohibitions related to conflict of interest (e.g., gifts, use of office for personal gain)
  • Offences and penalties

New provisions and Intent:
No substantive changes have been made to the conflict of interest provisions brought forward in the new Local Governance Act