Government of New Brunswick

Sections of the Local Governance Act: 42 – 49

Sections 42 through 49 set out powers and processes in relation to the composition of council, the division of a local government into wards, and the by-law-making powers of council for composition, wards and remuneration.

These sections of the Act govern:

  • Power to divide a local government into wards
  • Composition of council – for a local government not divided into wards
  • Composition of council – for a local government divided into wards
  • Requirements for by-laws relating to wards and council composition
  • Deemed by-law dividing a local government into wards
  • Deemed by-law determining composition of council
  • Powers and duties of mayors and councilors
  • Salaries and allowances of mayor and councilors

New Provisions and Intent:
These sections were mostly reorganized and reworded. A few areas were enhanced or clarified as follows:

  • items to be included in a remuneration of council by-law; 
  • election of a deputy mayor must be provided for in a procedural by-law, and
  • changes in wards and composition of council within the four-year period following a restructuring can be approved by the Minister instead of the Lieutenant-Governor in Council.