Government of New Brunswick

Sections of the Local Governance Act: 21-41

Part 3 sets out the required actions to be taken prior to a community restructuring. It also sets out what is required in a regulation to create a new or expanded local government, or one that is reduced in size. Matters regarding first elections, the powers of affected councils and the continuance of by-laws are also addressed.

New Provisions and Intent: 
This part of the Act was modernized, and is carried forward from the Municipalities Act. As part of the modernization, dissolutions no longer require a special Act of the Legislature. Rather, the Lieutenant-Governor in Council may, by regulation, dissolve a local government. In addition, slight modifications were made to align timelines for first elections and the timelines in the Municipal Elections Act for recounts. As well, with the changes to the Rural Plan Regulation in the Community Planning Act, a provision was also included in this part to ensure the continuation of rural plans where they exist.