Government of New Brunswick
Kindergarten Registration

If you have a child who will turn five between now and December 31st, it's time to register him/her for kindergarten.

Starting school is an important time in a child's life. To ease the transition from home or preschool, parents are encouraged to register their children for kindergarten in October of the year prior to when they begin school. This allows teachers, principals and school district staff time to organize several opportunities to meet with parents and children before school begins the following September.

During such sessions, parents will learn about the typical development of four-year olds and ways they can encourage this development. They will be provided with information about the school and the kindergarten program, and given the opportunity to ask questions. Children will also have the chance to visit the school and become familiar with some of the staff and the surroundings.

Early registration for kindergarten is available in October and we encourage you to take advantage of it. If you miss the October registration, contact your local school or school district so you can take part in the parent sessions.

Here is what some parents had to say about early registration and the sessions on preparing children for kindergarten:

  • I am glad that parents and children are introduced to this new environment gradually and early. We've had time to get used to the change.
  • I thought the sessions were excellent. They certainly helped ease my child's concerns with starting school.
  • The sessions really helped to pinpoint some things to work on at home.
  • It was exactly what my child needed to help her feel comfortable about going to school in September. She was excited and ready to start school because she knew what to expect. Great!

Questions or additional information about kindergarten registration and parent sessions is available by contacting your local school district:

School District Phone number
Anglophone North 506-778-6075
Anglophone East 506-856-3222
Anglophone South 506-658-5300
Anglophone West 506-453-5454

A good start to school is important to a child's future. Register early so you and your child can be as ready as possible for the first day of school.