Government of New Brunswick

Hon. Bill Fraser
Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure
February 2018

Ministerial Statement

Mr. Chair,

As Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure (DTI), I am pleased to present my department’s estimates in the House today. These estimates reflect our ongoing commitment to invest in public infrastructure to create jobs, grow the economy and carry out much needed work on existing and aging infrastructure.

Our 2018-19 budget also reflects our ongoing commitment to asset management and increased efficiency.

At this time, I would like to introduce the staff with me here today:

  • Deputy Minister Kelly Cain;
  • Assistant Deputy Minister of transportation Tony Desjardins;
  • Assistant Deputy Minister of buildings Bob Martin;
  • Assistant Deputy Minister of strategic services Mark Gaudet;
  • Executive Director of Operations Jules Michaud;
  • Executive Director of Engineering Serge Gagnon;
  • Executive Director of Facilities Management Gary Lynch;
  • Director of Finance and Administrative Services Charlotte Valley;
  • Director of Policy and Legislative Affairs Shannon Sanford.

I’d like to take the opportunity to thank these staff, and everyone at the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure, for their professionalism and dedication to serving the people of New Brunswick. I’m very proud of the work done by the team at DTI.

Mr. Chair, I would now like to open the floor for questions.

Thank you, Mr. Chair.