Government of New Brunswick

The Department of Environment and Local Government will employ the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulation (EIA Regulation) to ensure that the impact of any new projects or activities on the water quality of Parlee Beach is avoided or minimized.

This is achieved by declaring that Parlee Beach is a “unique feature of the environment” under item “u” of Schedule A of the EIA Regulation.

Any new projects or activities taking place within the Parlee Beach area must be submitted to the Department of Environment and Local Government to determine if the development must be registered for review in accordance with the EIA Regulation.

This area of concern was selected based on the fact that all surface water from this area drains towards the portion of Shediac Bay near Parlee Beach.

The area where this EIA requirement applies includes 1191 hectares and contains approximately 3306 properties.

The following screening criteria will be used to determine if a project or activity must be registered:

  • Any projects that potentially affect Parlee Beach, including but not limited to projects that: would result in a significant net increase in impervious area;
  • would be serviced by a new sewage system (not connected to a municipal system); or
  • would require any ground/vegetation disturbing activities within 30 meters of a mapped or unmapped watercourse, or mapped or unmapped wetland; or
  • are a new campground or an expansion to an existing campground

The following will be excluded from any EIA requirement under item “u” of Schedule A in the area of concern:

  • Any projects associated with the ordinary maintenance of a residential property,
  • Any projects associated with previously approved single family residential lots, and
  • Any projects for which a building permit has already been issued.