FREDERICTON (GNB) – Elections New Brunswick wants voters who are under some form of isolation due to COVID-19 and have not yet voted, but wish to do so, to contact their local returning office to find out what options are available.

“With election day now less than a week away, the options available for voters currently in isolation who still want to vote are starting to decrease,” said Kim Poffenroth, municipal election officer. “Our municipal returning officers will gladly work with these individuals to determine the best way to arrange for them to vote, based on their current situation.”

Options that may be considered for people in isolation include voting by mail, where time permits, curbside voting, and other forms of contactless voting.

“We will do our utmost to make sure every New Brunswicker is provided with the opportunity to vote, while at the same time respecting public health rules and protecting the thousands of people working for us during these elections,” said Poffenroth.

Poffenroth also called on people to be patient and understanding as election officials, who are all temporary workers hired for just a few days of work, do their best to deliver these elections during the unusual and challenging circumstances of this pandemic.