FREDERICTON (GNB) – In advance of the September 2018 provincial general election, electors in the province will have a chance to offer feedback on locations that are being considered for polling stations in the fall.

As the 49 returning officers identify buildings in each electoral district that are suitable to be used as polling stations, a list will be posted on the Elections NB website with instructions on how feedback can be provided. The list will be updated as the returning officers upload the locations they have selected.

“Our goal in providing this period to review the proposed polling stations is to avoid last minute efforts to change the locations, which can cause confusion especially if voter information cards have already been sent to the electors,” said chief electoral officer, Kimberly Poffenroth.

Electors, candidates, and registered political parties will be given until June 1 to provide feedback on the locations selected and to offer suggestions of alternative sites for consideration. The returning officer will evaluate any feedback received and make the final determination on the various locations to be used.

Elections New Brunswick has provided each returning officer with training on evaluating locations, which details the priorities in the selection process for polling stations. Accessibility for electors with disabilities is a key factor in the final decision.