Elections New Brunswick

Under the Electoral Boundaries and Representation Act, the legal descriptions and names for each electoral district are set out in regulation.

Regulation 2013-46 came into force on August 26,2014.  Since then, the names of electoral districts have been modified by Regulation 2016-64.

PLEASE NOTE: The polling divisions for each electoral district are currently under review in preparation for the September 2018 provincial general election so as a result the maps are subject to future updates.  

The information contained herein is current as of November 2017.

The files for the maps of each electoral district are large for the benefit of those who wish to download the maps for printing.

To view an index of the streets located within each electoral district, click on the links below. Each “street key” is downloadable using an excel spreadsheet

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To download, right click and choose “save target as”.

PLEASE NOTE: The information contained herein is current as of 18 October 2017.
Changes since this date may not be reflected in your search. Updates are ongoing and will be in place as soon as possible. Contact Elections NB if you have any questions.

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